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Chautauqua Historic Remodel


Single Family Residence


Boulder, Colorado

Year Completed


Design Team

Satto Rugg, Architect

General Contractor

Eastwind Construction


Bodhgaia Architecture

A home that sustains its occupants, keeps them healthy, and uplifts their spirits has a value far beyond what the numbers and facts in the sidebar can add up to. A beautiful environment has a good chance of being around for a long, long time. And that’s sustainable!

This Tudor-style brick home was built in 1928, had an unworkable floor plan and outdated systems. A complete gut and rebuild was necessary to expand the living space while creating an energy-efficient home. Aesthetically, the challenge was to seamlessly integrate modern elements and detailing while maintaining the charm and warmth of the original building style.


Energy Efficiency Upgrades


  • High-density soy-based spray foam with values up to R-50.

  • Buderus 95% efficient boiler with in-floor radiant heat and 6 zones

  • Increased southern fenestration by 150%

  • New low-e windows and new storm sashes over existing historic windows

  • All new water-saver fixtures with on-demand HW recirc loop on upper floor

  • Complete electrical upgrade with energy efficient lighting

  • Small PV power system fits within historic roof context

  • Passive cooling through central skylight chimney effect


'Green' Features

  • Engineered, recycled and FSC-certified wood for framing

  • Re-use of historic millwork & features including 80% of existing hardwood floors

  • Urea formaldehyde-free casework and furnishings

  • Low VOC finishes throughout

  • Natural wood oil finishes on casework and floors

  • Clay plaster wall finishes

  • Wheat-board core interior doors

  • Increased outdoor living space by 60%




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