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Old School New Dorm




Fountain Valley, Colorado

Year Completed


Design Team

A Barrett Studio Architects project

David Barrett, FAIA, Principal

Satto Rugg, Project Manager (CA Phase)

General Contractor


Bodhgaia Architecture

This "New Dorm" was designed to fit into the Fountain Valley School's rich history of Southwest style architecture, while offering clean, light-filled spaces for students and faculty.

Sustainability, economy and quality of living were the school's primary objectives. The design incorporates classic Southwest style motifs while providing an energy-efficient model for the school's future development.

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New Dorm was broken into three buildings, each with 8 dorm rooms and a faculty apartment. The light-filled common room includes a kitchenette and a study loft. The dorms were laid out among mature trees, giving the complex a timeless feel.

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